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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  June 9, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. today's weather can be extremely dangerous for the elderly and the very young. plenty of water and lots of shade are essential. d.c. officials have opened cooling centers and pools in the city from 4:00 p.m.
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until 8:00 p.m. how hot will it get and when will it cool off? let's get right to howard with some answers. >> this will be the last really hot too day. tomorrow will be hot. highs in the low 90s. today, heat advisory in effect until 9:00. covers everybody east of the blue ridge. if you're wondering why areas down toward the northern neck or lower part of the delmarva, different weather service covers that. wakefield didn't feel this was worthy of to a heat advisory. heat index, 100 to 10 5. i think really 100 to 110 will be a more accurate range. part of the problem today, there are no clouds. blazing outside. baking under the sunshine of the extreme heat and humidity. latest temperatures have come in. we're at 96. the average high is 82, 83. we're at 96 now, i think we're headed to triple digits today. the record is 102. it is 97 in frederick.
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95 in manassas. but, the humidity, the other factor here causing the problems for the heat advisory. dew points are way up so the apparent temperature is already triple digits here in washington. fredericksburg, 107. feeling like 100 down at the pax river naval air station. you want some relief, head to the mountains. oakland right now, temperatures in garrett county is 79 degrees. so, the forecast for the rest of the afternoon, i'm starting to think the 3:00 temperature is 98. i didn't go high enough. it could be 100 by 3:00. still in the mid if not upper 90s by 6:00. this evening, any time after 6:00 here in the metro, we may see a thunderstorm which would cool us down and bring us much- needed rainfall. as far as the weekend, temperatures are dropping and rain chances are going up. i'll tell you about that next time we talk. j.c.? >> all right. as howard said, the heat advisory is in effect and the mercury is climbing. surae chinn shows us how some are staying cool. >> weather it is working outside -- whether it is
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working outside -- >> please remain safe and stay hydrated. >> or running the virginia law enforcement torch run for the special olympics, it is tough being out here. >> i have a camelback and just going to keep myself hydrated. >> reporter: they're resolved to keep them going. >> it is going to be really hot. we'll have to keep motivated. it is all for a good cause. i'm excited about it. been looking forward to this all week. >> we're here to show support at the federal level. >> reporter: that's what we're talking about. something to keep your mind cool. most people we talked with say they're going to keep inside as much as possible today. >> i'm not going to leave the building until it is time to go home. >> absolutely. i already have my lunch in my bag. i'm not leaving the building. >> that's not an option for herbert wilkinson. >> it is like being in phoenix, it is like being in arizona today. >> he was already soaked with sweat before the sun came up, filling up the vendor with cold drinks. >> been here since 6:00 this morning. it was already 84 degrees.
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just do the best we can. >> doing the best we can is what will get people through what feels like triple digit temperatures. surae chinn, 9news now. you can get the latest on the forecast by visiting visit our weather page. get our free weather app for your mobile device. it works best with iphone and android phones. there is a new twist in the twitter scandal that is troubling congressman anthony weiner amount new picture on the internet could be the last straw and it might force weiner to step down. he's been fighting for political survival since he lied about numerous online relationships. danielle nottingham has the latest now from capitol hill. >> reporter: congressman anthony weiner says he will not leave office. but new developments in the scandal are making it more difficult for him to stay.
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an x-rated photo the congressman apparently took of himself is now on the internet. the new york democrat has admitted sending racy photos to at least six women and he has not denied the validity of the latest very graphic picture. and there's word weiner's wife, huma abedin is pregnant. she's a top aide to hillary clinton and is currently traveling in the middle east with the secretary of state. during his press conference on monday, weiner said he hoped his marriage will survive. >> my primary sense of regret and my primary apology goes to my wife. i should not have done this. >> memberrens of his own party are now openly calling for weiner's resignation. pennsylvania congresswoman allyson schwartz was the first house democrat to say he should quit. in a statement, she said "having the respect of your constituents is fundamental for a member of congress. in light of anthony weiner's offensive behavior, he should
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resign." if weiner refuses to step down, his fellow democrats could eliminate his congress during planned redistricting before next year's election. weiner has kept a low profile since monday. he has reportedly been apologizing by phone to fellow lawmakers and even to former president bill clinton who officiated at his wedding last year. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> representative nancy pelosi is calling for an ethics investigation to see if weiner violated any congressional rules. while some students in laurel, maryland were treated to a special surprise yesterday. captain mike hidelman visited students at st. mary of the mill school. these youngsters are part of the school's social concerns club. they performed community services such as working in soup kitchens and riding letters to soldiers deployed to
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afghanistan. the captain is on leave and he dropped by to say thank you. >> wonderful that you would take the time and the resources to do something like that for us. we recognize that and we're so thankful for that from the bottom of our hearts. >> captain idleman presented to students with a certificate of thanks from the army. welcome back. well, a group of soldiers coming back from afghanistan flew delta between bwi and atlanta. they were charged with huge fees for checking four bags. they were upset and they posted this video on youtube. >> what happened to the soldiers that actually had four bags? >> we had to end up paying out of pocket, our own money to allow that fourth bag to be taken. >> how much did you pay? >> $200. per bag. >> how much did our unit end up paying out of pocket? >> over $2,800. >> by lunchtime yesterday, the
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video picked up over 150,000 hits. hours later, delta airlines announced that it would change its baggage policy. it would allow soldiers under military orders, to check up to four bags free. it used to be three. by the way, other airlines followed suit upping the limit to four as well. well, the miracle on the hudson plane is expected to travel through southwest virginia today. after going through maryland on tuesday, yesterday, drivers towed the fuselage of flight 1549 south through west virginia. the truck parked for the night in camp creek along i-77 just miles from the virginia state line. the historic plane will be reassembled at an aviation museum in charlotte, north carolina. still to come on 9news now at noon, while we're dealing with the high temperatures, out west, residents are dealing with violent storms and
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wildfires. the police officer is nearly killed while trying to stop a suspected drunk driver. it was caught on tape. we'll be back.
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a turkish police officer was taken for the ride of his life and it was caught on tape.
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the officer was struck while trying to pull over a suspected drunk driver. the officer fell on to the vehicle traveling about two miles an hour. he was on the hood of the car. and remained on that hood after the driver struck another vehicle. and continued driving. the suspect eventually stopped and was arrested. the officer suffered only minor injuries. remember the two d.c. police officers who escorted actor charlie sheen to his performance at the constitution hall? they've been transferred. however, chief cathy lanier says the transfers are not related to that incident in april. lieutenant stewart emmerman and achison both have been removed from the department's special operations division. the investigation into the incident with sheen, however, continues. hot weather can't last forever. howard has the forecast.
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>> yeah, but it is here right now. it is stifling on the weather terrace with a heat index up to 103. the allergy update, that is still a little bit too high also. we've got tree pollen which is moderate. grass is high and the mold has jumped from low to moderate from yesterday. it is pet line thursday! going to introduce you to a cutie pie and along with that, we'll have a more pleasant seven-day forecast. 9news now at noon will return in just a moment.
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residents in philadelphia will probably see the century mark today. the city of brotherly love baked in a temperature of 97 yesterday. if you're going to philadelphia for the weekend, there is one bright spot. temperatures will probably be in the 70s according to howard. residents in wisconsin meanwhile are recovering from violent overnight storms. thousands are without power after strong winds took down trees and power lines near madison, wisconsin. officials hope to have the power restored later today. no one was injured. and more towns in arizona are under mandatory evacuation orders. as out-of-control wildfires spread. the blaze has now scorched more than 600 square miles. not only have 7,000 residents been evacuated but the fire is now threatening large power
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lines which could cause rolling blackouts in nearby states. >> so many extremes. you see the fires in the southwest. we had a lot of snow in the western u.s. flooding rains and meting snow going on in montana. and we're baking. baking! >> we certainly are! but it won't last long. >> tomorrow is going to get a little bit better in the sense we won't be around 100. we'll only be in the lower 90s. today, if we're lucky, we'll see cooling thunderstorms. probably not until late this afternoon, this evening. look at the temperatures this afternoon. 3:00, 99. 100. somewhere in that neighborhood give or take a degree or two. even at 5:00, still well up in the 90s. by 7:00, 91. a few thunderstorms here and there and i hope i get one. my lawn is turning crunchy quickly. we had all of the rain in may. it has dried out rather quickly. we can't rule out another thunderstorm south and east of town.
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temperatures in the upper 80s. heat advisory one more time. they've expanded it to include winchester, martinsburg up to hagerstown before this is east of the red. that goes until 8:00 this evening. heat indices, 100, 105, even 110 not out of the question. the records to beat today, 102 in 1874 in d.c. that one, i think is going to hold. i hope it holds. the 98 in baltimore, kiss that one good-bye. 96 in dulles, that probably will be falling here before too long. already 96 at national. this is why they raise the heat index up to 93 while fredericksburg is 95. along with tappahannock, culpepper, it is 94 in southern maryland. 93 in easton. 97 over in salisbury and ocean city. our heat index, 103 here. in some spots pushing 105, 108 already. amazing with these dew points at 70, one thing when you've
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got a 70 degree dew point, the air is more moist. it is more difficult to heat because it takes more energy. we're already 96 and as you look at the national map, that 96 is the hottest temperature on the board. it is 46 in great falls. chicago is in the lower 50s. there is hope. this is the light at the end of the tunnel with a front out there. the showers and storms, we show you the video from madison, that's sunk south of chicago. this front here lining up east to west will eventually get closer to us. new, severe thunderstorm watch has been issued across pennsylvania up through new england for the afternoon. but around here, we still have in ridge of high pressure pushing the storms more east and southeast. for us, the best of the storms, it won't be here, the cooling storms won't be here until perhaps tomorrow and into the weekend. we're still looking at the threat of storms developing in the mountains and moving east this evening by 7:00, potentially showers and storms pushing across the metro. by 11:00, this stuff is gone. frontal boundary in the neighborhood tomorrow. with a front nearby, now we've
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got something to focus on. by afternoon, the showers and storms are popping here friday afternoon. not great news for the start of celebrate fairfax but it will cool us down. saturday looks to be unsettled with scattered showers and thunderstorms. so, today, around 100. give or take a degree or two. late thunderstorms. tomorrow, 92 with scattered showers and storms. saturday, we're staying in the 80s. it will be warm. scattered showers and storms and even over toward the shore this weekend, the threat for showers and storms but low to mid-80s should do it for high temperatures there. the rest of the seven-day forecast, hey, check it out. sunday, still upper 80s with some storms but monday and tuesday, that front sinks south of the region and look at that! we're looking at temperatures only in the low 80s. looks to be a beautiful flag day. we're also talking about a late storm on wednesday. it is pet line thursday. this is sandra navarro from the prince george's county spca. who is this? >> this is shelly.
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an australia shepherd mixed with probably -- i don't know, border collie maybe. >> shelly is a sweet dog. >> she's about 1-year-old, 35 pounds. she's just full of love. she loves to give kisses. >> it always breaks my heart when you get these great dogs, this is not a dog with a problem. great personality. a sweetie. they come into a shelter. >> i know. it is sad. i think it has a lot to do with the economy right now. >> people can't afford to take care of their dog i anymore. >> exactly. sometimes they're strays. this is a perfect family dog. great with people. great -- probably great with kids. great with other dogs. and so -- she travels great in the car. she would be good for someone going on vacation this summer that wants a companion. >> prince george's county, your spca, shelly, go check her out. how can people contact you? >> they can contact us by going on our web site or come to the calverton silver springs show
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from 11:00 to 1:00. >> go to our web site at and go to the pet line section. all of the contact information is there. we're going into the kitchen. stick around. 9news now at noon will continue in just a moment. she notices when my skin's rough.
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(announcer) gold bond ultimate softening lotion. with shea butter for soft healthy skin. gold bond ultimate softening. this stuff really works. today i'm featuring a local author. her name is rachel and her book is the science of single. i'm in the kitchen because she's going to have a book event at the morton's in crystal city. it is going to be june 21st
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from 6:00 to 7:30. the reason why it is at morton's is this particular morton's has a female manager, one of the few in the country, she likes to support and salute women and also to tell them how they can be successful in their careers and in their personal life. so, rachel is going to be there and i've been snacking while i've been talking to her. this is an interesting book. the science of single. why did you write it? >> i was having some trouble dating in d.c. i'm from d.c. i had been single for two years and had some pretty bad dates and i had one particularly bad date where the guy ran away from me. >> he ran away from you? my goodness. you're gorgeous. >> he definitely jogged. >> it took one year for you? >> this was an experiment. >> i spent a year working on it. i would try out all of the different ways of meeting people. so, i went to singles events and i went online, i got a
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dating coach and i went to other cities and dated. >> are you still single? >> i am single. yep. >> can you believe that? >> it is not working but give me some tips, rachel. give me and the rest of the single ladies some tips. >> one of the most important things is to be open to the possibilities, not only how you meet people but the types of people you go out with. people have the idea of who the perfect guy is or the perfect woman and that person doesn't actually exist. so, it is good to try out all of the different possibilities and be open to online dating and singles events. >> in your book, in this book, i was reading it last night, pew research, what did they find? >> they found that there are a lot of people who weren't dating, they were choosing not to date. >> really? >> it was kind of a surprise finding of another study they did. they didn't have a lot of back- up information about it. but yeah, they found, this was back in 2006. they found out there are a number of people, a large
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percentage of people who were not dating at all. >> people are getting married at a later age. >> they are. >> ok, what shouldn't you do when you go out on a date? >> don't talk about how much you hate dating. you want to stay generally pretty positive about everything. particularly on the first date. as you get to know someone, you can let down your guard a little bit and be a little bit more open but staying positive on the first date is pretty good. don't talk about dating, don't talk about your exes. don't talk about like when are we going to see each other next? >> and certainly don't talk about marriage. >> right! >> let a first date be a first date. don't expect anything more. don't go into it with any other ideas of it being more than that. >> this book isn't just for young people. it is all for singles. like my age. and older? >> and older. i've had a lot of men who are recently divorced like in their 50s just getting back out there
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again. they've got an lot of information from it, too. >> the science of single. again, she will be at morton's in crystal city, june 21st from 6:00 to 7:30. let's get a seven-day outlook from you. >> maybe a storm late tomorrow. thunderstorm chances going up. it will be a little unsettled over the weekend. i can't believe you're single. >> i know! thanks for being with us. come back at 5:00.
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